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First Team 4 - 3 Portland

Away | 27 January 2018 | Attendance: 98

On the road to Portland was never going to be easy, having played Portland previously away on 24th of October on a Tuesday evening when they were without key players Ryan MeKechnie, Ash Smith & Ross Dorge.
All three were named on the team sheet for this game so we knew Portland were at full strength, Portland elected to play with the wind which meant that our goal kicks were always going to be tough and Portland would try and stop us playing from the back.

The pitch had passed a pitch inspection at 10am and the match day referee also sanctioned the game although it appeared that Portland were pushing to move the game to a Tuesday evening, clearly Horndean were not keen to travelling the 180 round trip on a Tuesday night.

Several supporters were delayed by the fog and the rain and sheer volume of traffic this included our Media Team, by the time they got to the game we were 1-0 down and reliably informed that Horndean had missed a penalty.
At times It was difficult to establish what was going on as the fog was really setting in, Portland scored another on 26 minutes and again at 32 to put them 3-0 up, not sure we were going to recover from this, the Portland supporters were all very “cock a hoot” emphasising that its another 3 points and in fairness it looked like it was going to be a difficult task to see us going on to win the game.

At half time both teams departed back to the changing rooms with Horndean emerging back on the field a little sooner than anticipated, substitutes Wain, Jackson & Kyle (injury) – replaced by Liam Kimber, Josh Maloney and Josh Mound.

55 Minutes, 3-1 Josh Maloney the scorer, 57 Minutes 3-2 Benny Read the scorer, on 63 minutes Liam Kimber with some remarkable close control play somehow curls the ball towards the top corner from an almost impossible angle from outside the 22 yard box, but it goes inches over, at this point there was more belief and more focus and the weather was improving and Portland were being offered very little by way of chances at our end.

64 Minutes Sackmans header is cleared of the Portland goal line, 65 Minutes Benny Reads effort from distance is a fraction over the cross bar, 69 Minutes a simply superb cross from Miles Everett enables Josh Maloney to score the equaliser.

It’s now 3-3 and approx. 20 minutes to play and Portland were starting to lose their heads and argue amongst themselves, and then on 83 minutes Tyler Moret puts the ball in the back of the net after a great delivery from Josh Maloney.

Stunned silence from the home supporters, on 86 minutes we were still looking to kill off the game when Miles Everett blasted a shot which was a tad over the bar.

The game ended Portland 3 Horndean 4. #UpTheDeans